Aaron Jones is an MVP candidate

When talking about the NFL MVP Award for 2019, the names you hear are always Russell Wilson, Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson, Christian McCaffrey, and, to a lesser extent, Aaron Rodgers. But Packers running back Aaron Jones, who has put together a historically productive season, has gotten little to no MVP buzz. Rodgers pointed that out after the team’s win against McCaffrey’s Panthers:

Entering week 10, McCaffrey led the NFL in yards from scrimmage and total touchdowns. That is very impressive, and he is completely deserving of MVP consideration, but Aaron Jones cannot be ignored any longer. Jones ranks 10th in the NFL in scrimmage yards, and is now tied with McCaffrey for the league lead in total touchdowns with 14 after his three touchdown performance this past week. Not only has he scored at a high rate, but his efficiency in the red zone has been absurd this season:

Voters for the MVP Award need to also consider the fact that Jones is putting up these incredible numbers while sharing the backfield duties with Jamaal Williams. McCaffrey has basically been the only man in the backfield for Carolina. He has 233 touches this season, and second place amongst Panthers backs is Reggie Bonnafon, with just 13. Meanwhile, Jones has 170 touches, while Williams has tallied 90. If Jones had the same usage rate that McCaffrey has had, he’d be the number one running back in the league by every measure.

Aaron Jones won’t win the MVP award and Christian McCaffrey probably won’t either. It’s a quarterback award, after all. But statistically, Jones is right there with McCaffrey, and he deserves more recognition than he has gotten.

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